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surf server issues
« on: May 18, 2019, 08:23:33 PM »
The surf server has some issues that are pretty easy to fix, but make a huge difference in enjoyment.

The max/min cmdrate and updaterate(s) are set to 64 right now, when the server is 102 tick. They should both match the tickrate of the server. (102.4)

The amount of ramp glitches, edge bugs, and other inconsistencies are fixed/helped with a public plugin called "rngfix" which can be found here.

The server soft crashes when a client uses the "sm plugins" command.

End zones of most surf maps are incorrectly zoned, they should  be 3 player models high (220 units) at the very minimum. They're currently ground zoned, which is very annoying for players going for good times.

Many of the bonuses on these maps arent zoned, reytx for example has 2 unzoned bonuses. On some of the bonuses that are zoned, (spacejam for example) the start zone is ground zoned, resulting in your time starting when you jump rather than when you walk out of the zone.

Feel free to add if you need help fixing any of these issues, but comment the reason so i know who you are.

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Re: surf server issues
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Re: surf server issues
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Pretty sure Red Wolf can apply most stuff.