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Heads up on crashes and additions
« on: December 25, 2018, 07:19:22 AM »
It might seem we don't know what we are doing or that there is no plan for the crashes, but things are quite simple. This game is very old and support is almost none, which means every plugin or feature we implement, we have to fix it ourselves in case it is unstable. The times are gone where we would ask "I get this error, how do I fix it" and get 10 replies within the day, now we gotta try fixes for days till we get the right one.

For a little bit it was the Jailbreak's plugin itself,  then it was the VIP plugin, now there is an issue with the player skins feature. I can counter the issue, but it's not all easy, so I either 1)remove it, or 2)keep trying to fix it while there are crashes here and there.

What is my point? Everytime something gets added there is a high risk of a crash, and we will not always have the knowledge, time or support to deal with everything. The Jailbreak server is currently going very well with activity and has much more than the basic features, but since I am aware the crashes get annoying for some people, unfortunately I cannot keep adding and adding things every week, simply because it will ruin both the mod and the server's stability. I will be keeping an eye for very helpful implementations, but our server has VIP, Skins, RTD, Shop, over 20 maps, active admins at all times, very entertaining Special Days and what not, so for it to stay a Jailbreak server, and mostly a stable one, a limit has to be kept. If I, for instance, get busy and go inactive(which can happen sooner or later) the server may as well have more crashes than normal days.

So, from now on I will have to proceed carefully and follow the Jailbreak scheme we have right now. Maps will keep getting rotations, but this is the plan I've had for it. There will be more events soon, and a heads up for the server some of you are aware and waiting for, but now it's up to us to make the Jailbreak server fun, especially by commanding and showing a friendly atmosphere and creativity.

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