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mister app
« on: March 05, 2018, 05:53:34 PM »
Name: mister
Age: 19
Division (Jailbreak, Pub, CSGO, All):  csgo
Skill rate (Scale 1/10+CSGO Rank): Answer in a case if you're applying for pub/csgo.8/10 lem
Legit Steamer ?:yas
How long have you been playing Counter-strike ?:  cs1.6 8 cs1.6 4 csgo
Have you ever played on ESL/Mix ?: Answer in a case if you're applying for pub yas
Do you have TS3 + microphone?: yas
Define Teamplay (brief): Answer in a case if you're applying for pub awp
Any comments?: if there is no communication i cant play properly

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Re: mister app
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 02:01:45 AM »

Due to the fact that we're quite satisfied with our current CW roster, for now you're accepted to the eY team, which is subject to change. For reference, i will quote the hierarchical system

raiNB|~[eY] <name>

1) Members must be highly skilled.
2) Members can participate in clan wars, mixes & tournaments representing the clan
3) Members are allowed to be substitutes for eX in clan wars, mixes & tournaments.
4) Members can participate in clan mixes.
5) Members can be promoted to eX or demoted to eZ.

"eX and eY groups current players are meant to rotate - that means just because you are listed here as a sub, does not mean you will be a sub, it will be decided on the principle First Come, First Go. Which means first 5 members to come for a Clanwar on time, will play as the starting team, and the other 2 will be subs."

Make sure to follow the rules of the clan and welcome.

and add me on steam yo
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