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Clan Rules :

1- You must abide by the rules of this clan and the servers rules
2- - IMPORTANT - As a member of this clan it is your duty to maintaining a professional attitude and a certain degree of activity in the server and in the forum as well. Check the forum every 3 days.
3- we will not tolerate any rudeness/flaming/insulting/discriminating/racism towards other members of this clan or in the community as a general
4- you cant be in other jailbreak clans/divisions
5- If you were inactive for a long time, you applied for other clan/division, you are unskilled, you are new or anything you need to show us that you are worth by  increasing your activity, showing your loyalty, reading how PB works and being skilled before being accepted
6- You have to pay the monthly payment in order to buy skills to improve the clan in the server.
7- You MUST wear the clan tag otherwise it will deal in  a warning/kick depending  on your situation
8- You dont only represent the clan in the server but ambrosia too so if you get a punishment (ban for example) you will be kicked from  the can so you have to behave properly and show a correct attitude anytime. Be responsable with your actions, we do not tolerate any kind of misconduct

Clan Application Form : OPENED


 Name (Nick in Game):
 How active are you on Jailbreak Server?
 How Active are you as a commander and as a prisoner?
 Out of 10 what would you rate your commanding / rebelling? (1 being poor and 10 being enjoyable yet proffessional):
Do you use (teamspeak3 ) : yes/no?
 Why do you think you should be accepted?
 Additional Information:
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