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Report Panel Application-Casper
« on: July 21, 2014, 06:53:02 PM »
Nick in game:  [C]asper
Gaming years: 7 years
Admin experience: 2
Professional playing experience: Played on some mix servers,clanwar
Knowledge about Counter Strike 1.6 and other CS games:  I've Played cs1.6 long time 4 years i think its fair enough and i know lot about it
Knowledge about cheats:I know most cheats and i know how to catch who use it but also i don't know all of them but with some help from my team i will know how to deal with it.
Define a script: All i know is script made by players and it give u advantage in game and its easy to catch most of them. (Bhop, Gstrafe, No Recoil, etc...)
How would you deal with Report requests individually?: Ill will deal with case regarding  the demos,Screenshots then after that i will take my Opinion to ban him or drop it if there is no good reason.
Which one you prefer (teamwork or working alone)?: teamwork.
Why should you become a member of the panel?: Well i Spend most of my time in forums and i have experience to catch cheaters and i really want to join the team.
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Re: Report Panel Application-Casper
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Still interested? Yes / No?
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Re: Report Panel Application-Casper
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I'm just reviving this application.
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Re: Report Panel Application-Casper
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