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Author Topic: [IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT] Hierarchical System  (Read 439 times)

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« on: June 23, 2013, 09:08:04 AM »

Firstly, with the thought of future expansion in mind, we have decided to create a Hierarchical System within the clan and scrapping the whole idea of having trainees. This is because we understand that it may not be appealing to carry along the trainee tag [T] at the back of your nickname. So this system basically categorizes the members into three groups, namely: eX, eY and eZ.

I'll proceed to explain the meaning of each categories:

raiNB|~[eX] <name>

1) Members must be highly skilled.
2) Members are "exceptional" - Possesses some sort of uniqueness which make them stand out, example: outstanding leadership skills, vast experience, great knowledge of the game, good strategist and so on.
3) Members can participate in clan wars, mixes & tournaments representing the clan.
4) Members are the core of the clan and will form the main group to represent the clan.
5) Members can be demoted to eY.

raiNB|~[eY] <name>

1) Members must be highly skilled.
2) Members can participate in clan wars, mixes & tournaments representing the clan (but only teaming up with the eY members).
3) Members are allowed to be "substitutes" for eX in clan wars, mixes & tournaments.
4) Members can participate in clan mixes.
5) Members can be promoted to eX or demoted to eZ.

raiNB|~[eZ] <name>

1) Members are skilled.
2) Members consist also of new comers.
3) Members cannot represent the clan in clan wars or tournaments. *note that you can always play private mixes as individuals but not as clan representatives.
4) Members can only represent the clan as "substitutes" for the eYs.
5) Members can participate in clan mixes (important for improvement purposes).
6) Can be promoted to eY.

How the promotion and demotion system works

Promotion & Demotion(P&D)

1) P&Ds will be decided entirely by the Panel.
2) Promotions will be based on many circumstances, increased in skills, activity, loyalty, contributions and etc. Likewise, demotion will also be based on various circumstances either for inactiveness, too many members in the same group, dropped in skills and etc.
3) Members can choose to object to any P&Ds by having more than 1/2 majority vote (Veto Power) - Only eX members can vote.


*Panel = Card Clasher, Sneaky~RoN
*Clan Mixes = All members from eX, eY and eZ can mix around.

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