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Admin Applications Archive / Re: Admin application
« Last post by Andrew` on Yesterday at 07:43:43 PM »
Thank you very much for your services.

Our staff team is always willing to welcome people in it warmly and we are always here to help and teach as long as rules and guidelines are followed, and there were always be such no matter the year or century. Good luck whatever you do :)
Admin Applications Archive / Re: Admin application
« Last post by Burzum on Yesterday at 06:27:01 PM »
idk what happened, but im happy with ur work

we only had an argue on server, and it was coz i was wrong about reconnecting, and i missed ur chat, when u explained about ur binds. so i apologized, and no more

u r free to do what u want, but i would rethink twice, and not make a big reaction from a comment, or whatever it happened to u
Admin Applications Archive / [Resigned] Admin application
« Last post by Hajrulla on Yesterday at 05:24:52 PM »
Admin application for resignation on all servers.
Feel free to rip my admin rights from anywhere that I have because I won't have time to invest somewhere that it's not appreciated.
I'll still be around to roast Pringles and play CSGO sometimes because it's Ramadan but lets hope Ambrosia makes it and things don't go like in 2019 because we are in 2021 and some don't realize that some things must change because I always thought I belonged here but I don't know what kept me and I tried my best to keep servers active, I made myself look like a fool just to keep 10 players on Rust server and CSGO but it is what it is, I don't feel abusing my "power" to keep the server alive if it backfires with useless criticism but lets hope they notice the changes since I haven't been playing at all.

Keep up the good and tireless work Ramba! Gg
You're the best, Burz!
Tournaments & Events / Re: Best 3 teams - predictions
« Last post by Andrew` on April 19, 2021, 07:52:15 PM »
Close call between Just a random team(8 votes), Wasted Potential(6 votes) and Pain Gaming(5 votes). Unlike the certainty being around, I doubt we can tell for sure what's gonna happen. There are of course favourites and experience differences, but it all comes down to multiple factors who can play a role. I think it will at least be very interesting and barely predictable till near the end!

We shall see quite soon.
Tournaments & Events / Re: Best team names
« Last post by Andrew` on April 19, 2021, 07:47:58 PM »
It appears The Three Silverteers is by far the most liked and creative name, followed by Pain Gaming and Wasted Potential just behind it by 1 vote. Can't tell what's gonna happen in the league, but you have definitely won on the creativity part fellas :D
Tournaments & Events / [AL] Match Schedule
« Last post by Andrew` on April 19, 2021, 07:41:54 PM »
Dear players,
The match schedule is ready. Teams had their time to agree on the dates and bombsites, and now any date/time change requested can only be made by the use of a cancellation card.
Maps and bombsites CANNOT be changed to ensure fair play and that the teams have their time to prepare accordingly.

The blue colored teams are the ones playing at home and the red ones are away. Each match will have 16 rounds of 2 minutes per round, normal competitive style economy and gameplay wise.
The whole map will be playable, but only 1 bombsite will be available.

Reminder that just like a typical football league, each match win guarantees 3 points for a team, for a draw both teams receive 1 point and on a loss no point is given. When the matches are over, the first 3 teams with the most points win the league.

*The matches will be watchable live on GOTV on and will be uploaded later on in our YouTube channel.

For any further questions and inquiries do not hesitate to contact me.
Tournaments & Events / Re: Best 3 teams - predictions
« Last post by Ray on April 18, 2021, 10:22:34 AM »
i mean you're out here shit talking team names, but if you pay just a bit of close attention you might figure out that our team name is also our clan name.
and yes we all do know where your team stands, probably at last since you guys are ugh, hmmmm how do i say this in a nice way, ex-globals that think they still have the game.
we'll see how it goes in the tournament ;)
Yeah that's the whole point of my comment on the name 😂
Technically i was team-name trashtalking, now you just promoted me to clan-name trashtalking. Thank you.
And ex-globals who are rusty you say? We'll see who's rusty dude 😂 when's our game together?
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