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Updates - Summer 2021
« on: June 03, 2021, 04:10:33 PM »
Hello Ambrosians,

As promised, summer will be busy for the community and there will be plenty of events and changes to keep things running. We hope you are willing to be involved in our plans and you won't be disappointed!

-For @CS 1.6 first of all, regrettably, @Burzum has stepped down from his Head Admin position in Dust2 Only due to personal responsibilities getting in the way. I wish to thank him very much for his contribution and services, and he will remain a DD2 admin to assist as much as possible. The server will remain as is for now, so people can still join in case they missed CS.
-Jailbreak has sadly been shut down due to long inactivity and we can no longer see it go anywhere, so I think we can finally move on and accept the fact the past will remain past. I wish to thank @Spitbars for his work and services as the Head Admin.

-On the @CS:GO part, there will be events coming soon, including focused competitions on every server that will reward activity and ability, and also a general Summer Cup somewhere in July-August, so keep an eye open.
-Unfortunately @asp has stepped down due to life getting in the way, and I wish to thank him very much for his services, therefore @Relax_ will take his place as the Bhop Head Admin. I want to welcome him in the team and wish him good luck!
-There is a new server launched and it's Prop Hunt! It's still undergoing tests so expect minor issues here and there, but overall it's playable and promises a very enjoyable experience, so please give it a try!

-Sadly our @Rust server has been shut down as well due to its prolonged inactivity.

-Discord-wise things have been slightly refreshed and sorted in new categories and positions, also connecting the forum and servers in a better way, and I wish to thank @RAMBATEN and @DoctorWho for the assistance. @Cracky PineApples sadly has decided to step down from his position as the Discord Manager due to life getting in the way, I want to thank him wholeheartedly for his services and wish him best of luck.

-Last but not least, on a general note, there will continue to be changes in the near future, as there may be other games involved in our community and servers in our effort to expand even further. We will also introduce the Community Nights soon, involving gatherings with the Staff team and players for some gaming in our servers!

Thank you for reading!

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