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Jailbreak Rules
« on: November 17, 2018, 07:08:27 AM »

Jailbreak Rules
*The rules are still being worked on so changes are to be expected daily.

As most of you already know, Jailbreak is a mod focused around immitating prison life. The prisoners' goal is rebel and take the commanders/guards down. On the other hands, the guards under commanding must guide the prisoners to certain tasks/games around the map, and while trying to keep them entertained and distract them from their rebellious thoughts, get rid of them.

Overall, it is up to the players, and mostly the commanders, to set the game and atmosphere of the server and make sure it is enjoyable to everyone. However, there must be a limit and certain rules to be followed strictly.

General Rules - To be followed by everyone at all times.

1.Do not cheat or abuse bugs/gliches.
Cheating/hacking/scripting or taking advantage and abuse of any server issues is not allowed.

2.Do not use foul language and/or disrespect others.
It is allowed to flame if it is aimed at noone or it's between friends, but if anyone takes offense from bad language actions will be taken.

3.Do not discriminate or show any kind of racism.
Treat everyone equally, everyone is a friend in the server. Respect the other gender/race/religion or anything else you do not identify with.

4.Do not impersonate other players or Staff.
Pretending to be someone else can lead to serious trouble. This includes alternate spellings as well.

5.Do not ghost.
Ghosting is "snitching" an alive player or their information to another player by any means and doing so is not allowed.

6.Follow the ratio(1:2 max)
The CT:T ratio must be followed at all times so the Guards are able to handle the game.

7.Do not self-transfer to CT.
Admins will take care of the teams and assign Guards. If there is no admin online, you may go CT only if at least half of the players agree.

8.Follow Ambrosia's general rules and policies.
That includes speaking English only and several behavioral guidelines.

Guard/Commander Rules

1.Do not freekill/freeshoot.
You must have a valid reason to shoot or kill any prisoner. If you accidentaly freekill someone, they are awarded a freeday the next round. Constant freekilling/freeshooting will get you back to T or even CTBanned.

2.Open the cells before 6:30.
If you do not manage to do so, you are to give the prisoners a freeday.

3.You cannot restrict more than 1 rooms per freeday.
This can either be the gunroom or any other room.

4.Give chances/warning shots and time.
At every long order the prisoners have to follow(e.g. "go to the cage", not "last reaction") they must be provided some time to do so. Mistakes happen, so give chances and warnings at all times for everything.

5.Last Request winners are to be rewarded.
They should receive a freeday next round. You are not obliged to do so, but it is highly recommended and can backfire.

6.Do not fail consecutively.
This means failling to command successfully, for example Ts interfering in any way(rebel/teamkill etc) and/or lose 3 consecutive rounds(lr losses do not count), you will be transfered back to T.

The rules are currently being worked on and can change at any time. Be sure to read them daily to avoid any issues with admins/staff.
By joining the server you automatically agree to the above rules and understand that the Server Manager and Owners can change the rules or provide instructions in-game if they find it necessary, even if such a statement is not in this rule list. They work for the well-being of the server, so it is more than reasonable they are taking a certain action as a necessity.
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Re: Jailbreak Rules
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Let me remind everyone selfing is not allowed at ANY time, meaning the end of the map too, not for special days, not for map change. Anyone caught selfing for any reason will be banned.

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Re: Jailbreak Rules
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Updated. Prisoners interfering to CTs commands in any way(rebelling or teamkilling for example) is considered failure, doing it consecutively gets the CTs transfered back.
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