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Since there's no form, anyway
Name in-game: dAmss.MSI *ariana grande*
Age:19 this year
Country: Algeria
Time zone: GMT +1
Your English: Good.
Why do you think I should become one of the Unban Panel staff: Well judging by my experiance, I can easily detect a cheater from a well skilled player hence I'm suitable for this, I'd be much on the DD2 case since I'm getting more active these days, as a result I can have a sight on everyone playing and my opinion would be crusial.
  Thanks for reading.

Hi there dAmass.

I believe that you are mature enough to handle a job like that, as long as you have the time to spare.
You are a mature, skillfull, got a great attitude and personality.
I would like to give you a chance, hopeing you'll do a fantastic job.

From me it's a SUPPORT.

Kind Regards

Would be really a great addition to the team, he has a good eye on cheaters and has experience dealing with, support from me as well, and good luck with it though. ;)

Support ,
He has a good experience in revealing cheaters and all so yep goodluck mate

Gandalf The Stinky:
better not fuck it up as one day ill come back to take ur place xD

support anyways


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