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Ambrosia Server Rules (UPDATED 25/03/21)
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Please read and understand these rules carefully! They are here to protect everyone's continued enjoyment and
to maintain order and respect within our community.


All rules in this topic are valid and enforced from the moment of publication. They bare full authority across all of Ambrosia's servers. They are created to cover basic codes of conduct, order, and fairness to keep our community pleasant and enjoyable for everyone that plays on our servers. All players are obligated to follow these rules from the moment they join the server! Failure to follow these rules will result in action taken by our admin team!

a) Players must not insult/flame any other players on the servers.
b) Players must not flood on the server's chat.
c) Players must not imposture other players name or clan.
d) Players must not advertise websites or other IP addresses.
e) Players must at all times listen to commands and requests from Ambrosian Admins.
f) Players must at all times respect each other regardless of age, race, origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation...
g) Players must at all times comply with the rules of "Special Mod Servers". These rules are located in Section 6 Local Rules.
h) Players must not threaten Ambrosia or its administration by any form of attack or hacking. Doing so leads to a permanent ban without appeal.
i) Players must use English only on all of the servers at all times.

a) Players may not use any kind of cheat/hack/mod to gain an advantage over any other player. This will lead to a direct and permanent ban.
b) Players may not "Ghost", where exact areas of the enemy are disclosed from dead team/spec members. This also includes the usage of TeamSpeak3, Steam...
c) Players may not glitch (ie - map) to gain any unfair advantage over any other player.
d) It is absolutely forbidden to gain any advantage over other players in any "illegal" manner not expressed above.*

4- TEAMSPEAK3 SERVER (this also applies for the discord server.)   
a) English only to be spoken on the server in public channels.
b) Do not annoy, insult or threaten other users.
c) Do not flood the chat bar with useless comments or talk in the global channel.
d) Do not join any locked channel without permission, it's locked for a reason!
e) Do not keep your microphone on if you're not speaking and have background noise, mute it.
f) If asked to leave a private channel by the channel's owner, do so immediately!
g) Create channels only in temporary channels section.

a) If you have been banned, you have the right to apply for an unban appeal in the Unban Appeals Board on the condition your right to appeal has not been revoked by the Ambrosia Unban Panel.
b) If you feel an Ambrosian Admin has acted unfairly and unjustly, you can report it in the Staff Complaints Section for review.
c) Free Speech is fundamental but at all times you must do so in a respectful way. Extremist and hatred views will not be tolerated.

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